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Montigny offers eclectic and original complete concepts including furniture, sofas, and decoration for the best quality interior decoration retailers all over the world. 

Quality and craftsmanship is central to the Montigny brand, but one aspect of what appeals to people about it is the cost. These pieces represent the high end of the furniture market but they are very well priced. You get the best quality at the best price.

In line with the French vernacular, these are pieces that don’t date. While they are contemporary, their core virtues encircle classic lines and timeless style. These are pieces that are built to last, and they do. They’re crafted by trained artisans in beech wood, oak or birch utilizing top quality international paint brands, high resilience foam and exclusive French accessories. 

There is a strict adherence to traditional craftsmanship techniques and quality is at the essence of everything Montigny creates. From azure blue hues to deep pinks and everything in between, these are classic French pieces with a contemporary twist. They’re a delightful addition to any room that inject colour, elegance and style. 

Montigny pieces are splendid in colour and form. Their sensual curvature, vibrant colour and classic lines converge to form collections that capture the imagination. Montigny currently offers 14 collections, all based on the classic French style but also combined with American, Spanish or English inspiration. 

Montigny Michael Hayvice

Michael Hayvice

Michael Hayvice has devoted the majority of his working life to the furniture industry.

His career started in 1960, in Wellington retail outlet Woodcraft. At the ripe age of 20 he was taken on as an inexperienced but extremely eager salesman. He quickly learnt the ropes and excelled. Joining forces with colleague Bryan Hutchinson (of Hutchinson’s Furniture) the pair was a force to be reckoned with. They commanded the New Zealand furniture market for the next few years.

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